It it time to put people over profit

McKennan Park in Sioux Falls served as the setting for the "Meet the Statewide Candidates" gathering on Thursday, July 30th. Senatorial candidate Dan Ahlers, of Del Rapids, and state Public Utilities Commission candidate Remi Bald Eagle, of Cherry Creek, headlined the event.

Festivities kicked off with an introduction from Pam Cole, South Dakota Democratic Party Executive Director. The event was held outdoors and social distance was maintained and everyone in attendance wore protective face coverings.

Speaking first was Dan Ahlers who spoke about his platform and values. Ahlers emphasized that incumbent Senator Mike Rounds is not unbeatable. In fact, Rounds garnered 50.4% of votes in the 2014 election.

Speaking next was Remi Bald Eagle who explained what the Public Utilities Commission is and what their responsibilities are within the state. He called the current PUC a "rubber stamp" for corporations and federal regulations. If elected, Remi said he would put South Dakotans first and put people over profit.

Remi said he would make sure that the people understand what corporations are doing within South Dakota, especially when those corporations put the well being of South Dakotans at risk.

After their speeches, the dynamic duo took questions from attendees and were met with applause at the conclusion of the event.

Spectators shared their excitement for both candidates, stating that they would tell their friends and everyone to know to vote for these two Democratic candidates.

"This is an exciting time for South Dakota. We have two great statewide candidates who will serve the people well," said one attendee.

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