My platform:

Natural Resources & Environment

The protection of our water, air, land, and other natural resources is both essential and beneficial to responsible economic development and our quality of life. Our natural resources must be protected for present and future generations.

I advocate for:

  • The elimination of all large-scale fossil fuel pipelines, fracking and industrial-scale mining.

  • The protection of our ground and surface water.

  • The production and distribution of safe, clean, renewable energy that effectively reduces the CO2 emissions into our atmosphere.

  • The prevention of the use of eminent domain for the transport, extraction or disposal of fossil fuels.

  • Recognition of the effects of human caused climate change and a commitment to utilizing the United Nations IPPC report and findings.

  • The protection of sacred sites designated by collaborative efforts of Tribal and State Historic Preservation Offices.

  • Environmental education at all levels in our schools and communities to encourage transformation to a sustainable future.

  • The development of electric vehicle infrastructure to include personal, agricultural and industrial applications.

  • Reform of federal mining law to protect national forest lands and water resources.

  • Full community participation in any public hearing concerning issues that might threaten landowners, environment or natural resources.

  • Strengthening and strict enforcement of State and Federal environmental laws.

Consumer Protection

As a Public Utilities Commissioner, I will work to protect South Dakota customers, foster competition, and promote high quality infrastructure.

I will advocate for:

  • The oversight of competitive markets, compliance enforcement and help resolve disputes with investor-owned electric, natural gas and telephone service providers.

  • Quickly resolve consumer disputes and work for the good of hard-working South Dakota families.

  • Effective oversight of competitive wholesale and retail markets for electric and telecommunication is necessary to ensure that customers receive the benefits of competition.

Agriculture and Rural Life

As a son of South Dakota, I recognize the integral role of the agricultural sector and its contribution to the economy in our state and nation. I am dedicated to keeping agrarian culture vibrant-- from family farms, farmers market producers, Native Nations and all rural communities.

I advocate for:

  • The immediate end of using eminent domain for private gain. Eminent domain was not intended for use by private corporations or foreign entities. Property rights are a fundamental issue and we must protect all South Dakota landowners, farmers, ranchers, and homeowners.

  • Construction and maintenance of local infrastructure, including rural water, an enhanced railroad system, telecommunications and high-speed broadband access to make rural businesses more competitive.

  • Minimizing the impact of corporate control in order to protect producers from unfair practices or inequitable concentration of profit.

  • Partnerships with Native Nations, tribal leaders, and individuals to develop new agricultural processes, including renewable energy.

  • Local control of planning and zoning as the right of individual counties. I support the people’s right to a transparent initiated measure or referendum process at the state, county and local levels.

  • Preservation and protection of farmland through soil conservation and sound sustainable ecological practices.

  • Governmental programs that allow consumer support and creative agricultural solutions.

State and Local Government

I believe and advocate for:

  • Oversight with the authority to keep government officials accountable.

  • Ethical standards and conflict-of-interest rules.

  • Transparency in all levels of government.

  • Access to voting for all South Dakotans.

  • Local control for local units of government.

  • Proper maintenance of state and local infrastructure.

  • The protection of referral and initiated measure processes.

  • The protection of free expression guaranteed by the First Amendment.

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